GRT Organisations

FFT Friends, Families and Travellers

FFT-LOGO-colour_200pxFriends, Families and Travellers work towards a more equal society where everyone has the right to travel and to stop without the constant fear of persecution because of their lifestyle.

Irish Traveller Movement in Britain

Hot drinks are the main cause of scalds in the under 5s. Take care with things like irons, hair straighteners and kettles.

Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain

Protect the interest of travelling showpeople who gain their livelihoods by attending funfairs.
Showmen’s Guild Western Section.

  • 1 Broad Lane, Yate, Bristol, BS37 7LD
  • 01454 228 890

Support against Racist Incidents

Provides free and confidential support to victims of racial harassment.

  • 0117 942 0060

Advocacy / awareness raising resource

Avon and Bristol Law Centre


National Bargee Travellers Association

Surrounding LA Contacts

Bath Gypsy, Traveller & Boater Outreach and Engagement

North Somerset: Traveller Advisory Teacher

South Gloucester: Specialist Ethnic Miniority & Traveller Achievement Service